Kentaro MINOURA | 箕浦 建太郎


1978年 浜松生まれ、浅草育ち。東京から移り、現在山梨県在住。

Born 1978 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka pref. and raised in Asakusa, Tokyo. He is currently based and works in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Since his childhood, Minoura has always been drawing. His works, currently focused on paintings, have been exhibited in various formats, including exhibitions, books, records, and on the Internet. In Minoura’s current paintings, organic beings surface in the layers of various paints. In recent years, he has been actively producing three-dimensional works such as ceramic sculptures. His publications include “未完成大陸(Unfinished Continent)” and “Decapitron 3” (SHOBOSHOBO-BOOKS), “Myojo” (co-published with photographer Kotori Kawashima), “Toriko” (Tokyo News Press), “Hello, Good” and “TOURS”.

個展 / Solo Exhibitions

2022 “す(su)” | Gallery Trax | Yamanashi, Japan

“き (ki)” | PARCEL | Tokyo, Japan
solo exhibition | Grand Patio | 高島屋二子玉川 | Tokyo, Japan

2019 “か(ka )” | TURNER GALLERY | Tokyo, Japan
2018 “お(o )”| pocke | Tokyo, Japan
2017 “え (e)” | void | Tokyo, Japan
“う(u )” | Workstation. | Tokyo, Japan
” い(e )” | pocke | Tokyo, Japan
“あー(a )” | TURNER GALLERY | Tokyo, Japan
2016 “ほ(ho )” | 音飯 Otomeshi, pocke, void, FAITH | Tokyo, Japan
“Var” |pocke |Tokyo, Japan
“こ(ko)” |pocke| Tokyo, Japan
“さし(sashi)” | SOBO |Tokyo, Japan

グループ展 / Group Exhibitions

2021 “Six paintings from Six artists” | PARCEL | Tokyo, Japan
2017 “WORKSTATION EXCLUSIVE” | Workstation | Tokyo, Japan
2016 “E X4″ | FAITH | Tokyo, Japan
” 第一回文化屋雑貨展(1st culture goods exhibition)” | TETOKA | Tokyo, Japan
2014 “カセット& ラジカセ普及企画(cassete tape and player exhibition)” | 浅草橋天才算数塾 (Sansujuku) | Tokyo, Japan
2012 “Roll Up” | CALM&PUNK GALLERY | Tokyo, Japan
“ASO 講(asokou )” | ASOKO |Tokyo, Japan
” 続・夏休み(summer vacation pt2) “|Trance Pop Gallery |Kyoto, Japan
” 明星(Myojo)
Kawashima Kotori Minoura Kentaro”|Tamborine Gallery (Tokyo), Standard Bookstore (Osaka)