PARCELは、2019年 6月、東京 日本橋馬喰町のDDD HOTELの一角に開廊。元は立体駐車場だった特徴的な空間にて、現代美術を軸にカルチャーを横断するプログラムを形成。国内外の幅広い作家を紹介しています。
長年ギャラリー業に従事してきた佐藤拓がディレクターを、アートコレクティヴSIDE COREの一員、高須 咲恵がプログラム・アドバイザーを務めます。

PARCEL opened its doors in June 2019 in the corner of the DDD HOTEL in the East side of Tokyo Japan. In its distinctive space, a former parking lot, PARCEL aims to create a program that transcends various cultures with its focus centered on contemporary art, introducing a wide range of artists from both Japan and abroad.
Taku Sato, who has been engaged in the gallery business for many years, is the current gallery director, along with Sakie Takasu, a member of the art collective SIDE CORE, as the program advisor. In February 2022, “parcel” opens as an annex on the second floor of the Maruka Building, a gallery complex located behind PARCEL.
Through both spaces, PARCEL/parcel aims to send out multifaceted messages which rise in such an era, while creating a list of exhibitions and events which portray the characteristics of the gallery. A combination of a commercial gallery and a project space.

佐藤 拓│Taku Santiago Sato

program advisor
高須 咲恵│Sakie Takasu