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Kentaro Minoura

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この度PARCEL では2020 年1 回目の企画として箕浦建太郎の個展「き」を開催いたします。
1978 年静岡県に生まれ、幼少期から浅草で育った箕浦は今日まで東京を拠点とし、画業の傍これまで銀杏BOYZ のCD ジャケットのデザインや写真家川島小鳥氏との共著など、幅広い活動で知られてきました。




PARCEL としては初めてとなります箕浦建太郎の個展、ぜひご高覧ください。

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PARCEL is proud to announce our first exhibition in 2020 by Tokyo based artist Kentaro Minoura. The solo exhibition is entitled “Ki”.

Born in Shizuoka in 1978, and growing up in the downtown area of Tokyo (Asakusa) and based in this metropolis ever since, aside from his distinct paintings Minoura has been known for presenting art works through a broad range of activities including the CD covers of famous Japanese bands and collaborative books with photographer Kotori Kawashima.

Never stopping from his youth, Minoura has been continuously painting till this day. His motifs derive from various elements encountered through his life which has accumilated and evolved into a life-like form. As many of the artists now days are, Minoura was also surrounded by various mixed cultures such as anime, film and music, street and skate. These paintings are a self portrait of the artist and a mirror of his life-style. From the usage of traditional painting techniques to modern day tools like aerosol, the delicate transition between colors and its layers in Minoura’s paintings, questions us the importance of viewing the works with ones own eyes in an era where there are many other methods to view paintings.

The “things” placed in the anonymous backgrounds painted by Minoura, portray the fragments of the forgotten cultures and the past itself, and through the eyes with a slight hope to be discovered, thse “things” even reflect the struggles and peopled buried under the social system today.

箕浦 建太郎

1978 年浜松生まれ浅草育ち。常に絵を描き続けている。個展、グループ展や本、レコード、洋服、インターネットなどで作品を発表。著書には『未完成大陸』、『Decapitron3』(SHOBOSHOBO-BOOKS)、写真家の川島小鳥との共著作品集『明星』、『トリコ』(東京ニュース通信社)、『Hello,Good』『TOURS』など。未発表作品多数。東京都在住。

Kentaro Minoura

Born in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka pref. in 1978. Aside from various solo and group exhibition, Minoura has been presenting his works through record covers, books, apparel, and the internet. Publications inlcude ” 未完成大陸(unfinished continent)”, “Decapitron3″ (from SHOBOSHOBO-BOOKS), collaboration publications with photographer Kotori Kojima include ” 明星(Myojo )”, “Torico”(Tokyo News Service), “Hello, Good”, “TOURS” etc. The artist currently is based and works in Tokyo.

Solo exhibitions
2019 ” か(ka ) ” | TURNER GALLERY |Tokyo, Japan
2018 ” お(o ) “| pocke|Tokyo, Japan
2017 ” え (e) ” | void | Tokyo, Japan
” う(u )” | Workstation. | Tokyo, Japan
” い(e )”| pocke | Tokyo, Japan
” あー(a )”| TURNER GALLERY | Tokyo, Japan
2016 ” ほ(ho )” | 音飯 Otomeshi、pocke、void、FAITH | Tokyo, Japan
“Var” |pocke |Tokyo, Japan
” こ(ko) “|pocke| Tokyo, Japan
” さし(sashi)” | SOBO |Tokyo, Japan
Group exhibition
2017 “WORKSTATION EXCLUSIVE” | Workstation | Tokyo, Japan
2016 “E X4″ | FAITH | Tokyo, Japan
” 第一回文化屋雑貨展(1st culture goods exhibition)” | TETOKA | Tokyo, Japan
2014 ” カセット& ラジカセ普及企画(cassete tape and player exhibition)” | 浅草橋天才算数塾 (Sansujuku) | Tokyo, Japan
2012 “Roll Up” | CALM&PUNK GALLERY | Tokyo, Japan
“ASO 講(asokou )” | ASOKO |Tokyo, Japan
” 続・夏休み(summer vacation pt2) “|Trance Pop Gallery |Kyoto, Japan
” 明星(Myojo)
Kawashima Kotori Minoura Kentaro”|Tamborine Gallery (Tokyo), Standard Bookstore (Osaka)