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even a worm will turn

横手 太紀 | Taiki Yokote Solo Exhibition

details - JP

parcelでは、5月21日より横手太紀の初個展  “even a worm will turn”を開催いたします。







– 横手 太紀

details - EN

parcel is pleased to present “even a worm will turn,” very first solo exhibition of Taiki Yokote starting May 21.

While a student at the Masters course of the Department of Sculpture of the Tokyo University of the Arts, Taiki Yokote creates sculptures and installations using ready-made objects in motion. Yokote focuses on familiar objects such as plastic bags, rubble, stones found on the street, and blue tarps, which are not usually paid attention to. His ideas are centered on rather than looking at the original functions or symbolic meanings of familiar objects, but to focus on their pure form and movement, and perceives each object as a unique entity. By giving unexpected movements and perspectives to inorganic objects, such as dust, dirt, and rubble that may have been part of a building, the artist gives us a sense of discomfort, while broadening our imagination about the unique flow of time and various phenomena that can be found in all objects and that we do not fully recognize.
This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition, in which he will present new video works, sculptures of various sizes, and an installation.

I found a pile of rubble on my usual path to the station. I wondered for a while what kind of building it was, but I couldn’t remember. Tomorrow, I may not even remember that I had forgotten. When I think about the fact that we live our lives forgetting things day after day, without even noticing the things that do not even remain in our memories, it seems that things that are forgotten or overlooked have their own stories to tell, just like us.
I have heard that the dust in our homes is made up of fibers from our clothes and bedding, sand from outside, etc. When I imagine that the dust in my home may also come from the rubble I saw earlier, I feel as if it is there after a long journey, and I cannot clean it. It is similar to the feeling of wanting to leave my sculptures as they are without restoring them to their original state, even if they move selfishly in unpredictable directions or change due to friction or deterioration.

Every day we are exposed to countless amounts of information, and most of what is not relevant to our daily lives, just passing by. I feel that sculptures help us to look at and imagine the daily lives of such beings.

— Taiki Yokote

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横手 太紀 | Taiki YOKOTE

Born in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1998.
Currently studying at the Tokyo University of the Arts, sculpture department.
Yokote focuses on objects that are rarely paid attention to and brings out their “wild side” through a sculptural approach and gimmicks that use the motion of ready-made products. Mainly focusing on sculptures and installations with motion, recently expanding the range of his expression such as using video works.