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Struggle In The Safe Place

オオクボ リュウ|Ryu Okubo

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また、全て未発表の新作で構成された本展に際し、出展作品が収録された作品集をリリース致します。オオクボリュ ウの6年ぶりの新作個展となります。

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Since 2011, Okubo has been widely known for his numerous animation music videos, though in recent years he has returned to his distinct style of artistic expression, focusing on a series of sequential art (works in an animation-like sequense), as well as paintings, drawings, and games.
In this exhibition, the artist will present a series of large scale paintings with motifs drawn in fragments, a series of 7 paintings with motifs in continuity, and drawings, all which were created through repeated experimentation from around 2019. The paintings are diverse, including Okubo’s own personal events, distant social phenomena, family scenes, and favorite motifs. Each landscape, apparently unrelated, is connected in such a way that they blend together while maintaining an even distance, and cohabitate on a single canvas. The style of capturing various phenomena and connecting them from a panoramic perspective is a natural expression for an artist who has been creating animation works, thus it is inevitable to raise the theme of “continuity” in his expression.
On the occasion of this exhibition, which consists of all new works that have not yet been exhibited, Okubo will release a book including the works which will be exhibited. This will be Okubo’s first solo exhibition of new works in six years.

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オオクボリュウ | Ryu Okubo

2011年より、アニメーションによるミュージックビデオを制作。現在は、より自由な表現の可能性を求め、ドローイン グ、ペインティング、映像、ゲームなど、様々な手法を駆使し「シーケンシャルアート=連続性のある芸術表現」に 取り組む。
個展に、「Like A Broken iPhone | アイフォン割れた」(2016、 CALM & PUNK GALLERY)。出版物に、「まいにちたのし い」(2019、ブロンズ新社、KAKATOとの共著)。ミュージックビデオに、「星野源 / さらしもの feat. PUNPEE」 (2020) 、「D.A.N. / Sundance」(2018)、「Mndsgn / Alluptoyou 」(2016)、「group_inou / 9」 (2012)、「PSG / 寝れない!!! 」 (2011)など。

Ryu Okubo has been creating animated music videos since 2011. Currently, in pursuit of a wider possibility of expression, he engages in “sequential art = artistic expression with continuity” using various techniques such as drawing, painting, video, and games.
Solo exhibition “Like A Broken iPhone” CALM & PUNK GALLERY, 2016.
His publications include “Mainichi Tanoshii” (2019, Bronze Shinsha, co-authored with KAKATO), and music videos such as “Gen Hoshino / Sarashimono feat. PUNPEE” (2020), “D.A.N. / Sundance” (2018), “Mndsgn / Alluptoyou” (2016), “group_inou / 9” (2012), “PSG / Can’t sleep! ” (2011), etc.